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The Ashbrook Scholar Program
Online Application
To apply, a student must complete this application and submit one letter of reference. If your application advances past the first round of review, an interview will be arranged between you and the director of the Ashbrook Center. Applications are considered year-round for the limited number of scholarships available for the following academic year.

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Joe Griffith

"The professors in the Ashbrook Scholar Program are eager to help guide their students' dialogue with the great thinkers of the past in any way they can, but their assistance is not the focus of the class. Instead, Ashbrooks attempt to understand them as they understood themselves. In a way, Ashbrooks take classes with the great thinkers, not with second-hand accounts from textbooks or professors."

Take a quick look into what you'll experience as an Ashbrook Scholar:

A Serious Program for Serious Students

June 17-23, 2018

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